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Fáilte! A hundred, thousand welcomes!

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Welcome, welcome, pull up a pew! Hello from my new blog and firstly, thank you if you have taken the time to click upon my humble page! :-)

So what’s the blog about and why The Rambling Baker? Well I’m from the West of Northern Ireland, “closer to Donegal than Belfast” is how I often explain it to those less familiar with the geography of Ireland. I live on the Tyrone/Fermanagh border and spend the best part of my time in the mighty West be it through work or pleasure purposes.

Understandably, with the bigger populations in the East of our little province, a lot of the better known areas are either in the East or on the North Coast. But here in the North West we have some of the best scenery, local food producers and heritage in Ireland. And my job over the next, however many months is going to be showing you our wonderful secluded little part of the world!

I aim to visit as many local food producers, artisan bakers and farmers markets as I can find and tell you their stories through this Blog. I hope to take away at least one key ingredient from each and create something delicious with it back in my kitchen. In theory, and this is all a work of progress…the recipe will then be available for you to try at home! By the end of it all we will all have learned just a little bit more about the wondrous North West!

Alongside food, nature is such a key part to what I’m about. It’s so important for the soul and mind to get back to nature and reconnect where our ancestors came from. No one feels worse for spending an hour at a beach, or in a forest or even just in an urban park surrounded by nature. So as well as showcasing our wonderful food produce and the stories of those that work so hard to bring it to our tables, I will be rambling around our countryside and coast to showcase just what we have to offer in this part of the world!

Come along on this journey with me. Let’s ramble and bake together. I have no idea where we’ll end up or who we’ll meet along the way but sure we’ll have a bit of craic if

nothing else!


Imelda xx

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