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Lindt Magic Bars

These may not be a thing of beauty but my jeepers they are a thing of tasty! Tip...Take them out of the oven once the condensed milk has caramelised and browning. I went walking and left the 17yr old in charge or taking these ones out. Error. Aim for less brown 😬 Tag who you wanna share your Lindt with 💕


300g digestive

150g butter

1 tin of condensed milk

Box of Lindt sweets

2 bars of Lindt

How now brown cow?

1. Melt butter in a medium sized pan

2. Blitz biscuits and add to melted butter. Mix well until all biscuit is coated.

3. Line and 8x8 tin and add buttery biscuits. Press well down into tin using the back of a spoon

4. Pour tin of condensed milk on top

5. Add Lindt chocolates (reserve bar for top)

6. Bake at 150oC for 35mins or until condensed milk is caramelised and browning

8. Leave to cool slightly before adding bar on top. Leave to cool completely before cutting.

@lindt_ireland @mcvitiesofficial

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