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The best wheaten bread 👌🏻

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Friday deserves fresh wheaten bread yes? I think so.

Beyond easy and beyond better than anything you’ll ever buy. Try it! Tag me. Share it! #happyfriday


280g wheaten flour

280g plain flour

1teaspoon salt

1teaspoon baking powder

1teaspoon bread soda (bicarb soda)

1tablespoon golden syrup

450ml buttermilk


1. Put flours&salt in a bowl. Sieve in baking soda & baking powder. Mix well

2. Make a well in bowl. Add in golden syrup & buttermilk.

3. Cut through with a knife until starting to combine. Top out onto work surface and bring together with hands.

4. Using a sharp knife cut into quarters (letting the fairies out!)

5. Brush with buttermilk & top with handful of oats

6. Bake @180oC for 25-30 mins until hallow sounding

7. Wrap in a clean teatowel until cooled



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